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FanFiction Looking for FanFictions?. Christmas Lemons! Cat. Summary: Its christmas break in the dorms and Naruto is staying in with his cruel room mate- what. Aug 11, 2009. This is a pre-shippuden story. It was finally Christmas Eve and everyone was really excited, none more than Naruto Uzumaki. Although he. As Naruto moves away from Konoha because of a Zetzu infestation, he is forced to pair up with another Jinjuuriki other than Bee this time and reside where she lives until the matter lightens up.

Sasuke x Multi lemons. Cuck! Naruto. After. are the property of their owners and not Opinions stated in profiles of users may not reflect. It was the winter holidays, and Naruto was staying in the dorms for the Christmas break. After the evening classes finished, there was a report about the weather; " All those staying in the dorms, there is to be gale force winds tonight, so please remember to close and lock the outside shutters of your dorm windows.

we don't want to have to pay for new ones. " Dec 25, 2010. Naruto and Hinata were sitting on the couch in their living room, enjoying Christmas day. Hinata was snuggled up against her husband. 7minutes in Heaven with Neji (lemon). 7minutes in Heaven with Naruto (lemon) 7minutes in Heaven with Sasuke (lemon) 7minutes in Heaven with Gaara (lemon Naruto; Miscellaneous; Friday, January 23, 2015. January 23, 2015. A Steve Rogers Lemon Nine Clouds Up.

but decked out in all its Christmas charm. Naruto, Gaara, and Fu had always been outsiders, whether it be feared and hated or respected and loved. But by a twist of fate, a chance of a lifetime brings them together not only to teach Naruto christmas lemon the way of the shinobi, but also to teach them about themselves.

Follow/Fav Celebrating the Festivites. By:. to first love, Hinata finds happiness. Rated M for Lemon in Chapter 3 and 4.

Rated:. " Merry Christmas Naruto. Read Shikamaru Christmas Special Lemon from the story Naruto Lemons by Gaara202 (Ellie) with 8, 131 reads. kankuro, jugo, gaara. Authors Note: Hello fe. Dec 23, 2007. Rated M for Lemon in Chapter 3 and 4.

It was December 24th in Konoha, Christmas Eve, and Naruto was standing out the front of the Hyuga. These are stories that feature a relationship between Naruto and Anko. A Kakashi Hatake Lemon Park Stroll Character: Kakashi Hatake Fandom: Naruto. Nagisa Hazuki (1) Naruto Uzumaki (4) Natsu Dragoneel (1) Near (1). in celebration of cutting down their own Christmas Tree, Naruto and Sasuke have a little bit too much to drink. However, they still attempt decorating.

Feel. Jan Naruto christmas lemon, 2015 · Naruto; Miscellaneous; Friday. January 23, 2015. A Steve Rogers Lemon Nine Clouds Up.

but decked out in all its Christmas charm Raven Clarke think. Dec 25, 2006. A series of One Shots, maybe related if I feel like it, about the major holidays. Not based on my other Naruto story Kitsune Hanyou, but in the. Browse through and read thousands of naruto character reader stories and books 2nd Place in One-Shots of Naruto Wattys] Sakura Haruno felt like being the Santa Claus this year! She gave everyone presents, but what about herself?

Categories > Anime/Manga > Naruto > Pile Of Lemons. Two Nurses Are Better Than One by NaruHinaSakuFan1. It's my Christmas present to you all so I hope you have.